Life is serious.

Baseball is Fun!

"The Game". America's pastime. From enjoying a hot dog to watching the game, baseball and softball is a central part of our St. Louis culture. Let TheCagesinBallwin help you introduce "the game" to your kids. Our team reinforces what it takes to stand out, and how to reach the player's goal.  It is what makes us different.  We are going to improve your child's game, if they put in the effort and that is the key!  We will teach you how to teach them if you participate.

Drop by, as we are quite the collection. 

Hours of Operation  314 685 8836  when closed, you will ring Don directly and you may call anytime.

Mon through Friday, 4 until 9 pm.  

Sat and Sun, 9 am - until you stop calling,  through March - open Sundays until 7:30 pm

14918 Manchester Rd, Rear, Ballwin MO,  63011

636 391 0616

Cricket, anyone?